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Title: Bernardino de Sahagún's psalmodia Christiana (Christian psalmody)
Spanish Title: Psalmodia Christiana
Author: Bernardino de Sahagún
Translator: Arthur J.O. Anderson
Genre: prayer
Format: book (single author)
Language: uto-aztecan → náhuatl
Notes: Aztec text and English translation on opposite pages.

Contents: Psalmodia Christiana. Permission. Examination. Prologue: To the Reader. Complete Table of Contents of This Book, Arranged according to the Months of the Year.

Nahuatl language -- Texts

Year Published: 1993
Pub. Location: Salt Lake City
Publisher: University of Utah Press
Binding: unknown
Pages: 375
Size: 24
ISBN: 087480373X
U of C Lib. Cat. #: BV510.A97S24130 199