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Title: Confessionario mayor, y menor en lengva mexicana. Polyglot
English Title: A guide to confession large and small in the Mexican language, 1634
Author: Don Bartolomé de Alva
Editor: Barry D. Sell , John Frederick Schwaller, Lu Ann Homza
Genre: personal
Format: book (single author)
Language: uto-aztecan → náhuatl
Notes: Contents: 1. Don Bartolome de Alva, Nahuatl Scholar of the Seventeenth Century / John Frederick Schwaller -- 2. The Classical Age of Nahuatl Publications and Don Bartolome de Alva's Confessionario of 1634 / Barry D. Sell -- 3. The European Link to Mexican Penance: The Literary Antecedents to Alva's Confessionario / Lu Ann Homza -- The Confessionario.
In English, Aztec, and Spanish.

Nahuatl language -- Texts.

Year Published: 1999
Pub. Location: Norman
Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press
Binding: unknown
Pages: 174
Size: 27
ISBN: 0806131454
U of C Lib. Cat. #: BX2263.M6 A5812 1999