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Chicago Archive of Indigenous Literatures of Latin America

Title: Arte y composicion en los rezos sacerdotales mayas
Author: Carlos Montemayor
Genre: novel
Format: book (single author)
Language: mayan → maya
Notes: forms part of "Las formas literarias en las lenguas indigenas de México"
there are fragmented mayan prayers throughout his analysis, and I didn´t know where to put them, also most of the prayers had no actual name
Year Published: 1995
Pub. Location: Mérida, Yuc., México
Publisher: Facultad de Ciencias Antropológicas, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán
Binding: book (hard)
Pages: 74
Included Works:
Title (trans.) Author (trans.) Genre Fam → Lang Notes Vol Pp
Canto de J Meen I-III Luciano Castillo song mayan → Unknown musical transcription 15-18
Rezo de Luciano Castillo Carlos Montemayor (Carlos Montemayor) prayer mayan → Unknown parts 1 and 2, spanish translation is parallel text on the same pages 22-23
Rezo de Luciano Castillo (fragmented part) Carlos Montemayor prayer mayan → Unknown translation is parallel text 41-42
Rain prayer Carlos Montemayor prayer mayan → Unknown origin is unknown 49-52
Offering prayer Carlos Montemayor prayer mayan → Unknown 51-52
Prayer to female entities for cultivation of crops Carlos Montemayor prayer mayan → maya 52