University of Chicago Center for Latin American Studies

Chicago Archive of Indigenous Literatures of Latin America

Title: Cal–k’in
Series: año III, no. 5 (enero-junio 1994)
Genre: mixed
Format: magazine
Language: mayan → maya
Year Published: 1994
Pub. Location: Calkiní, Campeche, México
Publisher: Cal – k’in
Binding: magazine
Pages: 44
Included Works:
Title (trans.) Author (trans.) Genre Fam → Lang Notes Vol Pp
J-ok’ot yetel x-ok’ot (El bailador y la bailadora) Alfredo Jesús Cuevas Cob poetry mayan → maya 10-11
Pek’ (Perro) Waldemar Noh Tzec poetry mayan → maya 22-24
In yum (Padre) Briceida Cuevas Cob poetry mayan → maya 38-39