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Chicago Archive of Indigenous Literatures of Latin America

Title: Echen sakilb'e kib'
Spanish Title: Higiene
Series: Serie didacticia maya-ixil
Author: Maria Cruz
Genre: other
Format: book (single author)
Language: mayan → Unknown
Dialect/Community: ***
Notes: *no spanish translations
* book on hygiene
Year Published: 1987
Pub. Location: San Juan Cotzal, El Quiché, Guatemala
Publisher: Ciencias Naturales
Binding: pamphlet
Pages: 30
Included Works:
Title (trans.) Author (trans.) Genre Fam → Lang Notes Vol Pp
Ixe'teb'al other mayan → Unknown II
B'axa' C'ujul other mayan → Unknown Has three sections; personal hygiene, family hygiene, community hygiene 1
Ech topon k'u yaab'il cuc'atza tza' other mayan → Unknown Types of contamination (direct and indirect) 13
K'u No'y tuch' k'u vitz'cin no'y nitak' unjolol k'u yaab'il other mayan → Unknown Covers parasites and harmful microbes 19