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Title: A Maya grammar
Author: Alfred M. Tozzer
Genre: other
Format: book (single author)
Language: mayan → Unknown
Notes: *Unabridged version of a 1921 Peabody Museum publication
*Maya texts are located in Part II
*Most texts contain literal and a free translation
Year Published: 1977
Pub. Location: New York
Publisher: Dover
Binding: book (soft)
Pages: 301
ISBN: 0486234657
LCN: 7645008
Included Works:
Title (trans.) Author (trans.) Genre Fam → Lang Notes Vol Pp
Indians of Chan Santa Cruz, the Alfred M. Tozzer history mayan → Unknown 115
When Copal and Posole are Distributed in the Ceremony of Renewing the Incense-Burners Alfred M. Tozzer prayer mayan → Unknown This is a more "literal"version than previously published 118-19
A Maya Witch Story Berendt (Alfred M. Tozzer) story mayan → Unknown Original translation into english by Brinton in 1883 119-20
Prophecy of Chilam Balam Alfred M. Tozzer story mayan → Unknown Text shows the Chymayel, Tizimin, and the Lizana versions 122-128
Chilam Balam de Chumayel (Brinton and Martinez) story mayan → Unknown Reprints of the translation of the original Chilam Balam text fuond in Gordon 1913 p.77-78 131-135